Beiter MicroKlicker

The Beiter MicroKlicker is a re-design of the TEC-HRO MicroKlicker, a brand which is specialized on shooting accessories and stopped producing archery accessories: as we already had a cooperation with TEC-HRO, we offered to re-design the product and add more features.  The Beiter MicroKlicker is born!


Archers are always looking to have the correct draw length. The Beiter MicroKlicker not only helps to find the exact and correct draw length but also to adapt the draw lenght micrometrically if needed... and go back to the original! One Klick is 0,125mm (0,005")!

Big advantage: the angle of the Klicker does not change when moving the MicroKlicker with the adjustment knob.

On the Beiter MicroKlicker the angle can be set and changed in steps of 7,5°! This is possible thanks to the new design.

Two models are available, with differnt lengths of mounting plate to be adapted to most of the available handles on the market. A third Xtra long sized can be ordered as custom order.                

The Beiter MicroKlicker comes with 2 Klicker Blades (0,20 and 0,25mm). All other Klicker spare parts can be ordered separately; e.g. coloured or longer Klicker Caps, as well as a 0,30 blade or a 0,25 Black Blade Klicker.

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