Scope Ø39

The Beiter Scope Ø39 is the "Large Field" Scope, which Werner Beiter developed upon the requests of Compound Archers world-wide, asking for features like a large field of view, more light, variable aiming options, an easy and individual centering of the Peep, an easy exchangeable level...

The Beiter Scope Ø39 is equipped with a ZEISS K-Lens. Beiter is the only manufacturer in Archery using original ZEISS lenses Made in Germany!

ZEISS K-Lenses are available with center hole diam. 1,5mm for the use with Scope Pins or without.

The ZEISS K-Lens is available with following dioptries (magnifications) :

  • +0,25 (~ 2 X)
  • +0,50 (~ 4 X)
  • +0,75 (~ 6 X)
  • +1,00 (~ 8 X)
  • +1,25 (~ 10 X)
Important: The Scope Pin is optional and not included in the Basic Unit!

A new concept for the BEITER Scope Ø39 is the Frame System, which adapts the field of view individually to the requested size.
Frames for the BEITER Scope Ø39 are available as Kit, including 1 each of following frames in the ordered colour: Ø39/Ø34, Ø39/Ø30, Ø39/Ø26, Ø39/Ø24
Available colours: Black, Red, Green and Clear


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