The Beiter Armguard perfectly meets the needs of all the archers since introduction, preserving the archer’s front part of the arm from being injured by the string.
It is possible to combine more Armguard bodies, to make the surface bigger.

Each Armguard is delivered with 2 rubber bands and 2 Fasteners, which holds the Armguard in the desired position. The tension of the rubber bands can easily be changed pressing with only two fingers on the Fastener.
The Beiter Armguard is available in a wide variety of colours from which the archer can choose: 26!...13 of those are the same colours as the Beiter Nock!
All parts are available separately! So you can combine different items (body or fastener) to better suit your national flag or the colours of your club.



The Beiter Armguard is now certified to the PSA-Guidelines of the EC - 89/686/EWG: the EC-Certificate can be downloaded here.

The certificate is another quality aspect for the Beiter Armguard and Beiter Armguard Soft, which are exclusively produced in Germany, as all other Beiter Archery Accessories.

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