Videoclips - latest, not released High Speed Scenes

Bow Window Clearance with Beiter Recurve Rest - Wrong work of the Bow Limbs causes bad clearance First scenes: The Beiter Rest is cut to the correct length to give optimal Clearance- Second scenes: The arrow comes by far too low, touches the arrow rest. Reason: the Limbs did not work progressive and in line: no chance to bring the arrow to the correct height.
WMV file, approx. 2,9 MB
Compound - Release and Bow Window Andrea Weihe shoots a Compound Bow with a Release without D-Loop!
WMV file, approx. 1,7MB
Recurve - Release and Bow Window Alison Williamson shoots a Recurve Bow with normal mediterranean handposition on the string!
WMV file, approx. 1MB
Bare Bow - Release and Bow Window Harry Wittig shoots with string-walking on a Recurve Bare Bow! WMV file, approx. 2MB
3 different Centralizer Setup 3 Beiter Centralizer in different lenght and setup, shot by the same archer with the same material!
WMV file, approx. 4MB
Beiter Armguard SOFT These scenes are showing the Beiter Armguard SOFT and how it works if correctly fixed on the arm of the archer. Please note that the arrow releases the string before the string is touching the arm. In the first scene you see how the Beiter Centralizer works and how it keeps the bow in line.
WMV file, approx. 9MB
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