Armguard Soft

The new Beiter Armguard SOFT is completing the Beiter Armguard line, in addition to the well known Beiter Armguard, which will be available with any changes, being a little bit less expensive than the SOFT version.
The Beiter Armguard SOFT has the same design but is made out of a high quality and very flexible plastic. 

Thanks to 3 rubber bands and 3 Fastener as well as ist soft material the Beiter Armguard SOFT can adapt better to the forearm,  without loosing the gliding properties.

The Fastener are black, except for the colour white: in this case the Fastener are white.

The Beiter Armguard SOFT is available in 14 solid colours, 10 of those are the same than the covers of the Beiter Centralizer Stabilizer System, these are the colours:
Red, Yellow, Gray, Oyster, Pearl, Black, Orange, White, Azure and Darkgreen.


The Beiter Armguard Soft is now certified to the PSA-Guidelines of the EC - 89/686/EWG: the EC-Certificate can be downloaded here.

The certificate is another quality aspect for the Beiter Armguard and Beiter Armguard Soft, which are exclusively produced in Germany, as all other Beiter Archery Accessories.

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