Scope Ø29 Standard

The Beiter Scope Ø29 Standard was the first product Werner Beiter designed specially for Compound archers. The Beiter Scope Ø29 Standard is equipped with a convex/concave ZEISS Silicate (Glass) lens.
Due to the use of a Glass Lens the Beiter Scope Ø29 Standard is the cheapest alternative for a Compound archer to shoot a ZEISS lens, known over the world to be one of the best manufacturer for optics worldwide. Beiter is the only manufaturer using original ZEISS lenses for all their Scopes!

The Beiter Scope-Body is made out of high quality plastic; it is injected and engaged directly on a steel-thread.

The Beiter Scope Ø29 Standard can be ordered in following options:

  • Scope-Body, RH or LH,
  • Thread #10-32 or #8-32
  • Colour: Clear, Black, Red and Green
  • extra-coated convex/concave Silicate Lens (Glass) made by ZEISS, Ø29mm available in following doptries (approx.magnification): +0,25 (2X), +0,50 (4X), +0,75 (6X), +1,00 (8X), +1,25 (10X)
  • Level in Holder: Green/Clear, Red/Clear or Blue/Clear
  • Thread Ring Clear with Crosshair, Hole-Ø1,5mm
  • Fluor Pin Ø1,5/1,5mm, Red
  • Scope Tool
  • O-Ring for Lens
One important factor for many archers to choose the Beiter Scopes is the large choice of available aiming options.
Different Shields for Level, Scope Pins, Thread-Rings with different hole sizes, Fluor-Pin and Sight Inserts are easily exchangeable and available in different colours, and can be individually adapted, to meet the your individual needs!

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