Multi Tool for Beiter Rip Clutch

Bow Holder with Ripclutch

With the Multi Tool for the Beiter Ripclutch System you can hold the bow in almost each position you need, but having two free hands to be able to work on it. You can easily mount accessories (such as Sights, Peeps, Arrow Rests, Plunger...) ,  serve your servings, adjust the Center Shot, control the alignement of the limbs and much more.

The complete system consists out of a Mult Tool, one Adapter 5/16"-24 GV (green) with a RipClutch and one Adapter 5/16"-24 (schwarz) to be screwed on the bow.
Note that for extreme reflex compounds you may require a Male/Female extension. More details from you local Beiter dealer!


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