The Beiter WINDER - a very new serving tool - was developed in several years of testing. One of the aims, was to design an efficient tool to be easily used by professionals or beginners.

Not only it is important that a serving tool simply serves the yarn on a string: it is much more important, HOW this is done! The yarn must have a smooth guidance; friction and tension must be adjusted extremely fine.
This is possible thanks to the Beiter Winder. A unique feature of the Beiter Winder is also that the yarn must not be threaded through an eye: thanks to an innovative slot you have only to clip in the yarn!
Another unique property of the Beiter Winder is that you can change the spool within seconds.

Some of the very new and interesting features of the Beiter Winder:

  • Easy clip in system for the yarn
  • Extraordinary smooth guidance.
  • Unique sliding of the disks, thanks to a new material combination.
  • Exchangeable gliding-disks: the one to be normally used on american spools (disks with pins), the others for example on Angel serving material (disks with no pins). This will allow highest precision and guidance.
  • Extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, thanks to the mounted puffs. (O-Ringe).
  • Easy and fast exchangeable serving spool.

Not included, but helpful accesories, are the Fastener with elastic band, e.g. to hold the beginning of your serving on your string: especially if you serve-in a Beiter Nocking Point.

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