Beiter Bow Wrench

The Beiter Bow Wrench has been developed especially for archers by Werner Beiter together with the leading German Tool Company WIHA.

The base for the Beiter Bow Wrench is the unique WIHA Pocketstar, with its not common featuers.

The Beiter Bow Wrench includes 11 Hex Wrenches (8 inches, 3 metric) and one little screw driver. Due to the patented push out knob you can easily open the tool and take out the wrenches ONE AT A TIME!!!

The metric keys can be for example used for the Beiter Plunger or the Beiter Centralizer, but also for Shibuya Sights and many other products not produced in the US.

The screw driver was specifically included for the Plunger, but can also be used to remove and install E-Clips on the axles of Compound bows.
Simply said: a practical tool for many needs!!


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