The Beiter Rip-Clutch is a new Bow-Holder or Bow-Vise, for shops, clubs or archers.
It is part of a new product line that Werner Beiter has developed to simplify the work for the archers.
The basic products of this system are the "Rip-Clutch Square with Adapter 5/16"-24" (picture on the left) and the "Rip-Clutch Round with Adapter 5/16"-24 IN".
Both can be fixed on a work bench, shop-desk, counter or everywhere else you have to work on a bow!

The Beiter "Rip-Clutch Square with Adapter 5/16"-24" and the Beiter "Rip-Clutch Round with Adapter 5/16"-24 IN"“ can among others be used:
in a Club-House beginner-bows can be stored in an optimal way!
in an archery shop, to display bows. The position of the bows can be changed easily, giving always a professional and good looking view to the customer. Not only: whenever one bow is sold, you take it off the Rip-Clutch, leaving the Adapter on the bow, and slip it on to a Multi-Tool or another Rip-Clutch fixed on the counter or your work-bench or workshop, so you can install all components fast and with both your hands free to work… no matter if you want to install a Pee  a Rest, a Plunger, a Clicker, a Sight… you will have two free hands!
by archers at home or in their own workshop. They can fix the Rip-Clutch with 2 screws and start working on their bows,…serving a string, installing a peep, adjust the center-shot…!

If you want to move the bow in almost any direction -  e.g. to align the Limb Line Gauges, to work with the Brace - , Werner Beiter offers a portable swivel, the Multi Tool with Adapter GV, as part of the Rip-Clutch-System.

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