Distance Holder

The Beiter Distance Holder is a tool to separate string and cable of a Compound Bow, to allow or simplify specific works to be done, such as re-serving a string or cable or to fix a nocking point or peep sight...
The biggest advantages toward similar products are, that on one hand it is smaller and on the other hand the cable guard is not an obstacle, but is eventually part of the use.

The Beiter Distance Holder can be used in different ways:

  • inserted in the cable-guard, if you have to serve in the area of the cable-guard itself.
  • with 2 or 3 installed DH-Plugs, Plugs for Distance Holder, you can use the Beiter Distance Holder directly between string and cables: the plugs will than be a sort of rolls to better slide on the cables!!
  • with 4 installed DH-Plugs, 2 per each side, for shoot-through cable systems.


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