Scope Ø29K with large (Ø10mm) Level System

The Beiter Scope Ø29K with large level includes a Zeiss K-Lens and can be used with the Beiter Scope-Pin-System (only with Scope Pins or in combination with Rings for Scope Pins).
The large Ø10mm Level System consists out of a level, a Holder and a Support for Holder: due to light refraction the green level will turn into the colour of the Holder and the Support...and you will never again worry about a faded liquid!
The Ø10mm Level System can be ordered in Green, Red, Orange or Black.

This Scope is assembled with the Zeiss K-Lens (K="Kunststoff", german word for "plastic"), which weights 50% less than a similar glass lens with the same dioptries!

Zeiss K-Lenses do have a center hole with 1,5mm diameter. In this hole you have several aiming options thanks to the Beiter Scope Pin-System or the Fluor Pin with Ø1,5m.

The Zeiss K-Lens is available in following Dioptries (Magnifications):

  • +0,25 (approx. 2x)
  • +0,50 (approx. 4x)
  • +0,75 (approx. 6x)
  • +1,00 (approx. 8x)
  • +1,25 (approx. 10x)

Important: The Scope Pin is optional and not included in the Basic Unit!

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