Scope Pins

Beiter Scope Pins have been developed for the use with the K-Lens (center hole Ø1,5mm) and offer the most advanced aiming system on the market, all together with a unique feature: the fastest exchange of size and/or colour of your aiming you have ever seen!
Not only: you can combine them with Scope-Pin Rings to have the Circle-Dot aiming option, widely used in Field Archery!

Beiter Scope Pins are available in following diameters: 1,8mm - 2,1mm - 2,5mm - 3,0mm - 3,5mm - 4,0mm - 5,0mm - 6,0mm

Available colours: Black, Red and White

Beiter Scope Pins may be ordered as single pieces or as a kit.
Following two Kits are available at this moment:

  • Scope Pins Colour-Kit (6 Pins, 1 per size 1,8-4,0mm in the ordered colour, Scope Pin Holder and Scope Pin Tool)
  • Scope Pins Size-Kit (6 Pins, 2 per colour in the ordered size 1,8-4,0mm, Scope Pin Holder and Scope Pin Tool)

The Scope Pin Holder helps to store not used Scope Pins, but also to determine the size of the Scope Pins.
The blue Scope Pin Tool is a useful tool ot easily install end extract the Scope Pins from the K-Lens.
Beiter Scope Pins may also be used by Recurve archers on their Sight Tunnel Inserts #7 and #17!

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