The Beiter Nockdepot is the ideal storage device for your Beiter Nocks.

Main features of the Beiter Nockdepot are:

  • Holds up to 12 Nocks. 6 nocks are filling one side of the Nockdepot, 12 nocks both sides!
  • Instead of buying your Beiter Nocks in plastic bags, any dealer can now use the Beiter Nockdepot and simply sell dozens of nocks cklicking them into your Beiter Nockdepot.
  • On any Beiter Nockdepot you can note the correct model and colour specifications. When you go to a shop to buy new nocks, the dealer can easily see which nocks he has to refill!
  • An archer having more nock-colours and/or nock-sizes in his bow-case can distinguish them without any problem!
  • The Beiter Nockdepot can be used to install nocks, but also to align vanes or feathers
  • Beiter Nockdepots can be stored in the bow-case, tackle-box and/or quiver: the nocks will always be sorted and ready to use!
  • You may also hang the Nockdepot on the quiver (two holes on the top of the tool can be used for it!)
  • THE BEST ARGUMENT TO BUY A BEITER NOCKDEPOT IS: how many nocks you loose due to storage "problems"? Loosing more than 2 nocks per year costs more than buying a Beiter Nockdepot!

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