Beiter Workstation 100

The Beiter Workstation 100 helps to keep your working table clean while working on arrows or making new arrows. You will find a place for up to 6 arrows, as well as Glue, Points, Vanes, Beiter Tri-Liner, Beiter Extractor, Beiter Wing-Holder, Beiter String Tool, Beiter Serving Shifter, Knife, Plier, Scissors, Pencils...

The Beiter Workstation 100 is an aid while installing points, nocks and vanes on your arrows. During wintertime you can store your carbon arrows, in summertime your aluminum arrows, without any risk of damaging the vanes.

Beiter Office Butler (not displayed here) and Beiter Workstation together can clean up your working table, so you will be able to find your tools faster and work better.

See some options of how to equip and use the Beiter Workstation:


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