The Beiter Plunger, developed 1985 to 1986, was introduced at the Las Vegas Shoot 1987. Actually it is represented on archery fields world wide.
Since 1992 all Olympic Medallists used Beiter Plungers as well as over 80% of all competing archers!

The Beiter Plunger is produced out of precision machined parts (the Beiter company supplies the watch-, precision-mechanic- and medical industry and is used to work only with the finest materials).
The notching scale cylinder allows an exact and reproducible spring tension time after time.

The thread cylinder is made out of high-grade refined steel, the springs out of stainless harmonic steel, the notching scale cylinder and the slotted nut out of anodised aluminum. The material used for the Plunger Pin offers excellent glide- and wear-behaviour by using aluminum-, aluminum-carbon- or carbon-arrows.

Available Colours:

Standard: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Titan, Darkblue
Custom: Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

Beiter Plunger

Sometimes you have to change a springball, to shorten the plunger or to make it longer.
All what is needed to serve a customer and his Beiter Plunger is included in the Beiter Plunger Spare Parts Kit. A must in each shop. Important tool for coaches as well!

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