The Beiter Extractor has been developed to be able to extract broken nocks from an arrow shaft, without trouble and without damaging the end of the arrow.
The heat resistent plastic handpiece can be hold while the screw can be heated that much, to be able to be melt in the broken nock end.
After some seconds you simply pull the Extractor and the broken nock comes out with it!
To exchange (pull and installl) nocks which are not broken, you can use Beiter’s Push’n’Pull Tool.

The Beiter Extractor is available in two sizes:

  • Ø2,5mm, In-Out Nock for X-10, e.g. 0X1, 0X2, 0XH
  • Ø3,0mm, for following nock sizes: 12/1, 12/2, 12/2H, 2X1S, 2X2S, 2X1L, 2X2L, 2X2H, 295X1, 295X2, 295XH, 265X1, 265X2, 265XH

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