Scope Ø29 DLX

With the introduction of the Beiter Scope Ø29 DLX you are able to build your Beiter Scope choosing from all available options, cause it is a simple basic equipment without level, aiming dots or similar. You can decide the colour of the Scope-Body and the magnification of the Zeiss Lens and than buy the aiming options and level system you desire.

The Beiter Scope Ø29 DLX ist a basic equipment, so you have to choose which size and colour your level should have as well as which aiming options you want to use.
Werner Beiter decided to offer 2 Aiming Kits, one using the (large) 10mm level system, the other using the standard level.

The Beiter Scope Ø29 DLX is available with following options.
Basic Equipment:

  • Scope-Body, RH or LH
  • Thread: #10-32 or #8-32
  • Body-Colour: Clear, Black, Red and Green
  • extra-coated convex/concave Silicate Lens (Glass) made by ZEISS, Ø29 mm. Dioptries (approx. maginifcation): +0,25 (2X), +0,50 (4X), +0,75 (6X), +1,00 (8X), +1,25 (10X)
  • Thread-Ring  
  • Scope Tool
  • O-Ring for Lens

The Beiter Scope Ø29 DLX can than individually combined with a great number of different aiming options and accessories. A complete list of the available accessories can be downloaded.

Werner Beiter offers you also 2 Aiming Kits, where he combines many of the available options at an affordable price.
Both Kits include a choice of Aiming Rings (3) and Squares (2) in the ordered colour and one Shield for Level with and one without Pin.
The only difference between the two Kits is that Kit 1 is equipped with the (large) Ø10mm Level System, while Kit 2 uses the (small) Level in Holder.

Kit 1,in Black
Kit 2,in Red with level
in holder Green/Clear

The Kits for the Beiter Scope Ø29mm DLX are available in Black, Red, Green and Orange.

Both Kits are coming in a practical plastic box, so you can safely store the small parts, without loosing them.

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