Winder Profi Tool-Kit

The Beiter Winder is really successful and indispensable for many professional string makers. To better present the whole String and Serving related product line, Beiter decided to offer you a Beiter Winder Profi-Tool Kit!

Savings: if you buy the Tool Kit you save money, compared to the single buying of all the components!

Included are different Tools, which are helping a lot while working on strings and cables easier. Some of these tools can also be used for other purposes during the daily work of any archer.

  • Included:
    1 Beiter Winder Profi
  • 1 Beiter Twister 1ea. Beiter String Tool #1 and 2 with Tool Clip
  • 1ea. Beiter Serving Shifter #1 and 2 with Tool Clip
  • 4 Belt Loops (to have String Tools and Serving Shifters safely mounted on belts)
  • 1 Draw & Carry

Some examples on how to use the Accessories included in the Kit:



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