Centralizer Long Rod

As all Beiter products, the Centralizer was tested by top archers world-wide and used successfully in competitions, winning many titles and medals since its introduction 1996.
Four carbon rods, positioned to form a square are held together by plastic blocks (called tuners) made from high quality thermoplasts and elastomers: the result is a new concept of stabilization.

Tests have shown that the system is able to absorb more vibration, thus giving the archer less problems while aiming and performing the shot.
The factory setting of the tuners avoids resonance in the system; the tuners themselves can be moved to offer the opportunity of an individual adaptation.

Beiter Centralizer Long Rods  are available with Weightadapter or Endcap in following lengths: 26”, 28”, 30”, 33”, 35”, 37”, 41”, 45”, 49”, 54”;  according to their length these can be ordered  with 2, 3, 4 or 5 Tuner.

The Centralizer has a factory setting, but you may move the Tuners, add or remove them as you wish. If you do this our advice is to mark the original position of the Tuners, in case the factory setting should be restored.
If you can't find the original position anymore, or you want to add an additional Tuner (e.g., to make a 37T4E out of a 37T3E) you can follow the following link:

However, if you don't feel comfortable with the stabilizer you have tried, switch to a longer one with, possibly, more tuners. The popular tendency is to shoot with longer rods, with 3 or 4 tuners, with no weight in front.

Beiter Centralizer stabilizer are available in a large variety of colour combinations:


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