1968 Werner Beiter establishes a planning office for plastic parts and injection die-casting moulds in Schwenningen am Neckar.
1971 A second company is originated out of this planning office. First of all precision moulded plastic parts are produced on an injection die-casting machine; very small precision-moulded plastic parts, at that time not producible by others, for example gears with module "m" less than 0,2mm.
Furthermore smallest plastic parts for the photo industry are developed and produced. This second branch of the own firm becomes so big, that the planning office starts working only for the production of Beiter's own products.
1972 A move into bigger facilities is necessary, because of the raising product palette.
At this time developing, construction and production of injection die-casting tools for vertical blinds, for fine mechanics, for the watch industry, for the electronic industry and for the medicine technique starts, just as the production of the corresponding parts.
1979 The next move takes Werner Beiter to Dauchingen in a newly built production hall; ten employees are working in this new facility.
1984 The production area, the warehouse and the offices have been expanded.
1985 In the new field of the sport of archery, first researches, developments, construction and production of small archery accessories are done by Werner Beiter: first of all the Nocking Point and the Nock.
The production of archery goods expands and a big product line starts to be sold all over the world: Klicker, Target Pins, Plunger, Sight Tunnel, Armguard, Scope, Stabilizers and others.
Beiter products are chosen, and used, to win most World Championships and Olympic Games: due to High Speed Films made by Werner Beiter, the technicity of archery gets visible.
Beiter archery products are sold and used by archers in over 90 countries all over the world.
In the same time the medicine technique develops as well, with the planning, construction and production of products for the Laparoscopy, Endoscopy and Arthroscopy.
1997 The Werner & Iris Center opened its doors on May 18th.
A test and shooting range, offering perfect and constant condition for archers, trying to optimise their shooting and specially to tune their material and testing the whole line of Beiter products as well. Friends and archers from all over Europe were invited and came to the opening.
1998 The 1st Spring Time Meeting takes place at the Werner & Iris Center, with the participation of 16 Top-Ranked archers from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain; it is not only a very interesting and exciting tournament.
The purpose of it, is to start to find new ways in the sport of archery, trying to offer to the mass-media and the spectators an exciting sport, to be able to attract more archers and sponsors in the future.
Werner Beiter owns several national and international patents in different branches, for example watch industry, archery, medicine technique, fine mechanics and electronic.
>1998 Werner Beiter launches this Website. All information, products and details are available 24 hours a day for all archers and customers worldwide. On Wikipedia the founder Werner Beiter has an own article.

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