Beiter V-BOX

The Beiter V-BOX - the damper has been re-invented!

The Beiter V-BOX is the base of a multifunctional dampening system for stabilizer systems. The stiffness of the V-BOX can be modified with the interchangeable membranes which have different properties. The system is completed by weights and compensation spacers which can be mounted with different screws, threaded studs and adaptors.
Beiter Centralizers can be ordered with 5/16"-24 inner or outer weight adapters at no extra charge. But the V-box is compatible with almost all available stabilizer systems. On systems using a 5/16 thread, the Beiter V-BOX can be mounted on the standard thread that comes with the stabilizers, while for stabilizers using 1/14 threads, inner and outer thread adaptors to a 5/16"size are available.



BEITER V-BOX STEEL is a multifunctional dampening system for bow stabilizers, the heaviest version of the original BEITER V-BOX. The stiffness of the BEITER V-BOX can be changed by the different membranes (the piece in the center of the damper). This system will be complete with weights and spacers to personalize your stabilizers and feedback style.

V-BOX STEEL fits ALL STABILIZERS & WEIGHTS with 5/16"-24 threads. Metric threads needed? See our French partner to get the BEITER V-BOX STEEL M8!


Beiter Bow wrench

Beiter Bow Wrench by WIHA

The Beiter Bow Wrench has been developed especially for archers by Werner Beiter together with the leading German Tool Company WIHA. The base for the Beiter Bow Wrench is the unique WIHA Pocketstar, with its unique featuers. Other - archery specific - highlights can be found on the dedicated page.

Beiter plunger

Beiter: Plunger - Rest - Klicker: this is what your handle needs!

We know, that we produce the best possible accessories for their arrows and for their bow: these accessories are holding and guiding the arrow in the best possible way. More details on the product pages: Beiter Plunger, Beiter Rest for Recurve, Beiter Klicker.

Beiter scopes

Beiter Scopes Ø39 & Ø29 with new colours!

The Beiter Scopes diam. 29 as well as the diam. 39 are now available in two new colours: Blue and Silver! The reknown Beiter Scopes are not only the lightest on the market, they are also the most versatile.

Mix Haxholm - Beiter Armschutz - Armguard

Beiter Armguard meets Style and Fashion

The wonderful Mix Haxholm, former Miss Thailand and avid archer, presents the Beiter Armguard-Necklace. Well... the Beiter Armguard has to be used in another way! To get more details on the two available models - Standard and Soft - please visit the specific webpages.

Beiter Push'n'Pull Universal 

The new Beiter Push'n'Pull Universal Tool is indispensable when installing or changing a Beiter Nock. It replaces the original Push'n'Pull and can be used with all Beiter Nocks, whether asymmetrical or symmetrical, #1 or #2.

The Beiter Push'n'Pull Universal is now available at your local Beiter retailer.

The Beiter MicroKlicker - adapts to the archer!

The Beiter MicroKlicker - the draw length can hardly be set more precisely and reproducible. The principle developed by TEC-HRO was adopted by Beiter as their production was discontinued... and it was refined!

Convince yourself of the advantages of the Beiter MicroKlicker in an archery pro-shop !


Beiter Hoodie Stripe ID Errea

Beiter Merchandising Shop is Online!

You can buy direct from us Beiter Merchandise, Beiter Hit-Miss and some Beiter Tools. Visit our webshop!

Beiter Lock

Beiter-Lock System the revolutionary patent pending quick connect for your bow!

The patent pending Beiter-Lock System will for sure convince you! It is the first positive lock quick connection which connects a complete stabilizer system with your bow without loosing stiffness! Try it out at your dealer and you won't use another system!

First tutorial is online:

Soon available at your dealer!

Precision moulded plastic parts

Werner Beiter owns several national and international patents in different branches, for example watch industry, medicine technique, fine mechanics and electronics, which he still produces along with his archery accessories...
... more information

Beiter Kunststoff


The Beiter Hit-Miss System is a completely new concept in archery. Developed by Werner Beiter over 15 years, it offers the archer a different type of aiming, shooting and scoring compared to existing systems ...
... more information

Beiter Hit-Miss
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