Various Accessories

For Werner Beiter it is not only important to design a Scope whith many sighting options, but also to take care that the components last a life-long: for example the Lens should not be scratched when cleaned. Also the stainless steel rod has to fight against vibrations, therefore we offer an Adapter for some sights.

Scope Adapter 5/8
due to the high vibrations caused during the shot, it is better to secure the Scope with the Beiter Scope Adapter 5/8, which is working on all Sure Loc Sights with 3rd axis system. Install the different sized rings delivered with the Scope Adapter so that the Scope is centered in the bow and Scope Adapter touches the 3rd axis: this gives the highest possible support.


Zeiss Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad
If you want to prevent scratches on the coated lens surface while cleaning your Zeiss K-Lens, you should use the original ZEISS Microfiber Cleaning Pad, which can be ordered at your local Beiter dealer.
You can use the ZEISS Microfiber Cleaning Pad also to clean your glasses, sun-glasses, bincoular or scope.

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