Beiter Hit Miss - THE MATCH

Chris White Beiter Hit Miss Target

A premiere in Nîmes! Beiter Hit-Miss: the brand-new Target System:  Fun! Excitement! Victory!

At any time YOU can register for a match against an opponent... either you have one or we choose one for you!
A team consists out of 2 archers - no distinction of gender and age!! Recurve shoot on 60mm disks, Compound on 40mm disks
You pay 10.-€ per person... the winning team gets 36.-€!
You can play as many matches as you want, against different opponents.
Scan the QR-Code and follow the details or ask at the tournament desk:”Where can I shoot my Beiter Hit-Miss Match?”

Beiter Hit Miss Targets

The Team:
1 Recurve and 1 Compound or 2 Compound or 2 Recurve - No gender distinction or age limitation.
The Match
2 x 6 arrows on Beiter Hit-Miss Targets - Compound shoot on 40mm, Recurve on 60mm
Tied? - Sudden Death! Compound on 20mm, Recurve on 40mm
The Task
Find a team to challenge!
The Stake
20.-€ per team
The Wages
36.-€ for the winning team

Where can I shoot it?
Follow the instructions and information. You can shoot the Beiter Hit-Miss The Match @The Practice Hall of the Parnasse... signs will lead you! From 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday
The Rules
- It is a team event - ends of 3 arrows for each archer, in 2 minutes - 2 ends to be shot! - only one archer per team on the line.
- Scoring: the Insert must move AND be touched to count as a HIT - Otherwise the arrow counts as MISS. - The person in charge is the referee! Maximal amount of hits in one Match 12
- The winning team is the one with the most HITs. If there is a tie after 12 arrows, the teams will shoot in a sudden death format, arrow per arrow... Recurve on 40mm, Compound on 20mm! Who will shoot first? Recurve or Compound...each has max 3 arrows per shoot-off-end!!
- The wage will be paid immediately!

All participants at the Beiter Hit-Miss The Match have the chance to win a Beiter Products worth 300.- Euro!!
Write your name on a piece of paper, put it into the box and one will be the winner!

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